Get ready for CYBATHLON 2020

The gates of the SWISS Arena in Kloten near Zurich will be opened for the continuation of the CYBATHLON on 2–3 May 2020, when exciting races and challenging tasks will await pilots and spectators for the second time.

    Why Cybathlon?

    One competition

    Six disciplines

    Four years of hard work

    Technology and Medicine combined

    All for a change

    Where millions gain their happiness, again


    We will be taking part in the “POWERED EXOSKELETON” competition.

    Being one of the six main disciplines, the “POWERED EXOSKELETON” competition focus on developing exoskeleton solutions to aid those with spinal cord injury in accomplishing and mastering daily tasks.

    Those tasks reflect everyday activities such as getting up from a sofa and overcoming obstacles such as stairs, ramps or slopes. Navigation in confined spaces such as doorways or between furniture are further challenges.

    New challenges are added on top of the 2016 challenges to form the 2020 challenges, those include rough terrains and tasks requiring hands free balance of the exoskeleton

Our Goal

    Every member of the team joined with their hope and ambition to utilize technology and improve people’s lives. Throughout our preparation and development, we keep reliability and user-friendliness in mind to try to build the best exoskeleton and help our pilot to regain success in daily life.

    To do this, we combine technologies in mechanical ,electrical ,and computer engineering, control theory and rehabilitation theory. With coordination between all of our development teams, we design, develop, test, and improve our work.

    Repeating this process, we fight for the ultimate test, the Cybathlon 2020.


Despite the importance of developing cutting edge technologies, we also need a talented pilot to experience, test, and help improve our design! Apart from being the first to try state-of-the-art technologies and have a custom exoskeleton built just for you, you will also have the chance to go to Zurich, Switzerland in May 2020 to demonstrate your strength and compete against opponents from all over the world! Currently in the early design phase, it is the best time for you to sign up and join our ride! Just contact ( to reserve your spot!


We are a student team consisting of UG and PG students from HKUST under supervision of Professor Shi Ling and Dr. Winnie Leung.
We came from a wide range of disciplines such as CS,ECE,MAE and ISD

We are currently sponsored by